Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism

Trainings on youth empowerment and the power of social media in Sopore, J&K

29-06-2022, Sopore, Save Youth Save Future organised day-long youth event as part of its Free 4 Youth project at Conference Hall, Eddy Hotel, U2 Plaza, Bypass, Sopore.

The event featured a wide range of discussions on social media, education, empowerment, disinformation, and other youth-related issues.

The first speaker shared his journey from stone pelter and first PSA to now being a locally elected representative. He discussed how he was radicalized by anti-social elements  and how people like him were radicalised and used for sustaining the conflict interests of others. He went on to say that education is both a force for change and a force for social good. He argued that younger generations needed secular and modern education to break the cycle of education stagnation. He contended that our faith, Islam, like all other faiths, strives for the message of peace and tranquillity, and calls on humanity to work for the betterment of society in general and the country in particular.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of SYSF, argued that we live in a time when it is critical to distinguish between information and disinformation, reality and fiction, and facts and myths. He emphasised the importance of using social media and education for good. He also argued that people should not allow certain elements, whether political or religious, to monopolise public space. He urged the religious community to defend and reclaim their faith from extremist elements who use religion to spread hatred and anger for their own political gain. He went on to say that we must encourage rational debate in religious and secular matters in order to ensure religious harmony and universal brotherhood. 

He further stated that education is for the public good and that we must strive to make it a tool for positive change rather than a means of promoting bigotry and extremism ideology. He stated that women are an integral part of every society and that without ensuring their proper empowerment, society would stagnate.

Afterwards, a local athlete who is currently the head of the Local Sports Academy, shared his valuable experience as a sportsman. He stated that he has been teaching thousands of youth in his academy for the past 28 years, and that they are assimilating noble virtues such as discipline, self-confidence, self-help, and team spirit. He argued that over the years, J&K has produced some talented and excellent athletes whose contributions to sports at the national and international levels have been enormous. He stated that our future generations must follow in the footsteps of those athletes who have made lasting contributions to our national glory. 

The Chairman of SYSF, at the event’s conclusion, emphasised that youth should be encouraged to learn how to be more involved in the process of nation building. The event also featured a thought-provoking question-and-answer session during which students shared their valuable feedback and questions. 

SYSF assured it would continue to hold such seminars and youth-oriented programmes in the future to raise awareness and literacy, fostering mainstreaming and integration in our youth.