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Trainings on peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and interreligious harmony in Baramulla, J&K

27-06-2022, Baramulla, “Save Youth Save Future” organised a program titled “Peaceful Co-Existence and Compassion for humanity in Islam“ at Darul Uloom Quarashi Sheeri, Baramulla. 

The Principal of Darul Uloom Quarashi and other prominent religious figures presided over the programme. The workshop was attended by approximately 65 local Imams and three muftis. 

The Principal highlighted the teachings of Islam mainly peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, interreligious harmony, and compassion for humanity. 

The event marked a general discussion about the life of Islam’s beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and how he stood for peace, prosperity, and the general well-being of all people, regardless of ethnic or racial discrimination. He went on to say that Islam stood for universal human values, a violence-free society, and universal brotherhood. 

He contended that Muslim youth must spread the true message of Islam to the rest of the world without succumbing to anti-social elements and violent ideologies. 

One of the Muftis further contended how Islam stands for coexistence and peace, the safety of minorities, and the well-being of humanity.

A local social activist further shared his journey from stone pelter to village representative. He also mentioned how civil society must advocate for youth engagement and how they can contribute to social progress. He emphasised that younger generations must pursue both religious and higher secular studies. 

Toward the end of the programme, the “Save Youth Save Future” team distributed books, boards, and sports equipment to students at Darul uloom Qureshi and the Islamic Educational Institute School Sheeri Baramulla. 

Finally, Team SYSF expressed gratitude to all of the participants and other volunteers who contributed to the event’s success.