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Trainings on youth career counselling and women’s education in Baramulla, J&K.

Baramulla, 25-05-2022: “Save Youth Save Future” organized the latest event titled “Youth Parliament” as part of its Free 4 Youth project at Govt. Women’s College Baramulla. The event was attended by 250 girls. 

The programme was designed to show what kind of improvements could be made to the educational system in Kashmir. Guests of the program included the President of the Municipal Council Baramulla who spoke on how to be responsible citizens and fulfill our duties towards society. He stressed upon promotion of co-curricular activities across the institutions of Kashmir and also guided the youngsters to live a stress-free life and make good decisions. 

The second lecturer spoke about the available career opportunities across the world in different occupational sectors, as well as how we could upskill ourselves to get those chances and create a bright future for ourselves. He also discussed how social media affects our everyday lives, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using it. He then demonstrated to the students how to make the most of social media by teaching them how to use it effectively. He also discussed how purposeful disinformation is spread by malicious sections of society and is destroying young people’s mental health. Thus, he emphasised how vital it is to pick the positive things on social media, particularly those relating to our studies or creativity.

The President of the women’s wing of SYSF moderated the session and discussed how vital it is for young girls to pursue different fields of study or hobbies in order to break away from societal pressures, expectations and taboos. She also discussed the significance of women’s education and financial independence in society and how to use these factors to foster tolerance for coexistence.

At the end of the program a celebration ceremony was conducted where 16 achievers from the college were felicitated including eight faculty members as well.