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Trainings on the importance of women’s and girls’ education in Baramulla, J&K

Baramulla, 24-05-2022: “Save Youth Save Future” organised the latest event as part of its Free 4 Youth project at Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Baramulla. The event was attended by 200 girls. 

The program began with a welcoming speech by the moderator of the event, who greeted all the dignitaries. The first lecturer spoke about the essence of education and the productive and positive utilization of the internet as a resource. He urged young people to strive for a better future by learning new skills as technology advances throughout the globe. The students enthusiastically engaged in the conversation and showed a genuine desire in expanding their knowledge as a foundation for a bright future for themselves.

The second speaker spoke about his journey from a common man to a youth leader and presently becoming the president of the municipal council. He interacted with the students and advised them that all problems could be solved through a positive approach. Following that, the third lecturer explored the concept of political activism and the necessity for young people to consider directly or indirectly contributing to the creation of better leadership.

The following speaker focused on the promotion of education and practical skills and she encouraged students to use such events as a motivation in their lives. And lastly, the President of the female wing of SYSF discussed the impact of the campaign she started, which goes by the name “Taleem Haq Hai Humara”, e.g. “Education is our Right”. She demonstrated to the youngsters, via an interactive activity, the importance of discarding negative ideas and bringing positivity into our surroundings. She concluded the program by felicitating the top performers of different competitions held across the school and giving thanking notes to the organizers, especially the principal of the GHSS.