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Trainings on peaceful co-existence and compassion for humanity at the heart of Islam in Baramulla, J&K

Baramulla, 18-04-2022, “Save Youth Save Future” foundation organised a program titled “Peaceful Co-Existence and Compassion for humanity at the heart of Islam” at Darul Uloom Quarashi Sheeri Baramulla as part of its latest Free 4 Youth trainings. 

The program was presided by the Principal of Darul Uloom Quarashi and was attended by scholars, human rights activists and local imams. The Principal highlighted the teachings of Islam such as peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, interreligious harmony and compassion for humanity. The event also witnessed a general discussion about the life of the beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) of Islam and how he stood for peace and the general welfare of everyone, irrespective of ethnic or racial belonging. He further said that Islam stood for the universal values of humanity and a violence-free society. He argued that Muslim youth must spread the true message of Islam to the rest of the people without falling prey to anti-social sentiments. Another speakerstressed the need for education in our lives and how Islam focuses on educating the minds as well. He said Islam’s core focus has always been on education irrespective of gender or creed. He called upon the younger generation to take up religious education as well as education in science and technology in order to be a part of the change in our society for a better tomorrow. 

He appreciated the positive role that Imams play in promoting social change. Chairman “Save Youth Save Future” argued that Islam right from its inception has primarily focused on education and contributing towards the upliftment of marginalised sections of society irrespective of religious, ethnic or racial differences. He said that Muslims must stay adhere to the true teachings of Islam that the prophets have preached. He further called  upon the younger generations not to fall prey to the extremist ideologies of those who try to sell their violent ideas to Kashmiri people in the name of religion. The event also witnessed the widespread participation of local Imams and other  intellectual religious figures who highlighted the importance of religion in bringing positive change in society and brought to the public the key ideas of common brotherhood, compassion, tolerance and mutual respect as the key tenets of Islam. 

After the successful conclusion of the event at Darul_uloom Quarashi Sheeri Baramulla, “Save Youth Save Future” held an Iftaar Party at Masjid Jamia Mossa of Darul_uloom Qurashia. The Iftar Party was attended by all respected members of Darul Uloom Quarashi, hundreds of Imams and other noted religious dignitaries from nearby areas. The aim of organising this Iftar party was to accommodate all the students of Darul Uloom Quarashi, particularly those who are orphans or belong to disadvantaged sections of society. SYSF expressed society’s collective responsibility at communal and societal level to come forward and help the marginalisedand poor sections of society by every possible means. As they emphasised, in a changing world, we must empathise with the social capital, which can only be achieved by better-coordinated efforts and strong social interactions and networks.