Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism

Trainings on police-public collaboration in Pulwama, J&K

Pulwama, 28-02-2022, Members of “Save Youth Save Future” organised the latest event of series of full-day trainings as part of the project “Free 4 Youth: Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism”. The panel discussion took place at Town Hall Pulwama. 

The SSP Pulwama emphasised the need of public-police collaboration in establishing a balanced and democratic society. He focused on how the police department is bridging the gap between youth and government. He said that in addition to policing, police should participate in counselling and mentoring youth. He further emphasised that the J&K police are always ready to assist the people of J&K in whatever manner possible to ensure a peaceful and prosperous J&K. 

One of the presenters provided a quick overview of current technology advancements. He emphasised the significance of technology in human societies and its beneficial effects. He concentrated on how the internet may be utilised productively in numerous aspects of life, such as education, business, entertainment, culture, and constructive religion, in order to create lively public-government collaboration in dealing with issues at the local, national, and global levels.

The Chairman of the “SYSF” Foundation addressed the concerns of radicalization and disinformation, as well as how non-state actors are using the Kashmiri youth to operate their war machinery in the valley and how they are attempting to undermine the existing peace process in J&K. He stressed that there is an urgent need to rebuild confidence between youth and government at all levels. He said that youngsters must take up their individual roles in constructing a well-functioning and democratic society. 

Another speaker shed some insight on the role of women in all human societies. She discussed her initiative “Taleem Haq hai Hamara,” through which she is overcoming the barriers to education that a girl endures even in the twenty-first century. She urged all stakeholders to encourage girls’ education.

Finally, an open questions and answers session was organised, giving Pulwama’s young the chance to debate a variety of topics that they face as a community. 

The session was closed with an award ceremony in which the 5th foundation day of “SYSF” was commemorated and several Achievers and members of the organisation were recognised for their outstanding contributions.