Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism

Trainings on importance of education and critical thinking in Sopore, J&K

Sopore, 18-02-2022: Members of “Save Youth Save Future” organised the latest event of series of full-day trainings as part of the project “Free 4 Youth: Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism”. The event took place at Conference Hall, Eddy Hotel, U2 Plaza, Bypass, Sopore, Baramulla district and was attended by 60 boys and 30 girls. 

The event started with Tilawati Kalam (reading of religious verses to seek blessings for the event) and followed by Naati Shareef (short performance of singing in praise of Prophet Mohammad). 

Speakers from Sopore discussed the importance of female education in Islam. Students across Baramulla district participated and there was engrossing discussion about the history of Kashmir. The discussion focused on separatists’ involvement in disrupting Kashmir’s economy and transferring illicit money across the area, as well as how they mislead Kashmiri youth. One of the trainers spoke on the need of incorporating critical and analytical thinking, while keeping society on the progressive path as the world advances through various means.

The second facilitator talked about the importance of focusing and understanding positive psychology and its application in everyday life. He discussed how in Kashmir, people’s values have degraded over time and how many public institutions are failing as a result of the general audience‘s like of ambition in working together towards bringing positive change. 

The third speaker talked on the importance of education in our daily life. He discussed how the Kashmiri youth have lost sight of the importance of studying, acquiring information, and participating in other constructive efforts. He emphasised on the need of harmoniously balancing religion and education and use it to bring positivity. He argued that technological improvements are progressing at such a rapid pace that the world is continually changing, but the Kashmiri society has stayed only consumers of this 4.0 industrial revolution, when the Kashmiri youth should focus on becoming developers and innovators and contributing to the global upliftment of mankind.

The youth was enthusiastically involved in the interaction session and many thought-provoking questions were exchanged between the students and the stakeholders. The question-and-answer session went incredibly well and the grievances of the students were addressed and acknowledged, serving as a bridge between the government and the general public.

During the event, a boy,  a former stone pelter and now Deputy Sarpanch from Baramulla, recounted his life story of how he transitioned from extremism to peacebuilding. Finally, SDPO Sopore congratulated the young achievers who talked about how education in Kashmir is still missing in terms of competing with worldwide education standards and how they could bring inquisitiveness and creativity to discover the world’s technological and educational breakthroughs.