Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism

Trainings for front-line practitioners and local authorities in Pulwama, J&K

23-12-2020, Pulwama: Members of “Save Youth Save Future” organised the latest event of series of full-day trainings as part of the project “Free 4 Youth: Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism”. The trainings were hosted at Town Hall Pulwama in which youth hailing from South Kashmir participated in high numbers (108 participants). The trainings consisted of 3 main sessions: training for front-line practitioners; training for local authorities, and a joint Roundtable between youth and the abovementioned stakeholders titled, “Identifying the Issues: What Drives Youth toward Religious Radicalization?

The training sessions for front-line practitioners and local authorities aimed at introducing the concept of Islamist radicalisation, where push and pull factors, environmental factors, recruitment tactics of terror organisations were explored, as well as real life case studies were discussed. The session encouraged participants to be more attentive in their respective work with young people for the purposes of recognizing signs and manifestations of extremist beliefs, as well as addressing them with care and comprehension.

During the joint roundtable all participants expressed their views on different facets of radicalisation, indoctrination, youth alienation, people-government coordination in addressing public grievances and bridging the trust deficit between J&K and New Delhi. The Chief Guest of the occasion, who was an Indian Army representative, spoke on how to establish dialogue and build trust between youth, civil society and stakeholders. He further answered the questions of the audience on what steps the Indian government is taking in stopping and preventing the recruitment of youth by terrorist organisations and how the Indian government and security forces could address the local grievances of the people of J&K. In addition, Researchers, Scholars and other Social Activists from South Kashmir further engaged with the audience during the very vibrant Q&A session. The audience expressed their wish towards the government and security representatives that the Centre in New Delhi should have more emotional connection and be more understanding towards the Kashmiri people in order to build long-lasting trust.  The participants further conveyed their desire for development, solutions and a hopeful future.

At the end of the event the Chairman of “Save Youth Save Future” thanked District Administration Pulwama for their Cooperation.