Fighting radicalization to enhance e-strategy for a youth-comprehensive approach towards on-line terrorism

Introduction to the region of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir, a region in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, is globally known for the battle of ownership which has been going on for seven decades. This place of mesmerizing beauty, often referred to as heaven on Earth, used to be one single entity before the Partition of British India into Pakistan and India in 1947. It was, and continues to be, an amalgamation of diverse cultures, ethnic groups, languages and religions that together establish the cornerstone of the ethnic identity of its inhabitants. Known for its picturesque scenery and snow-capped mountains, Jammu & Kashmir remains a popular tourist destination, equally famous for its local handicrafts, including Cashmere shawls, Paper-Mache, walnut wood carving, handmade silk, wool carpets and Crewel embroidery.

The demographic contours of Jammu & Kashmir are truly unique; defined by its multiethnic and multireligious characteristics, whereby numerous ethnicities and religious groups have long inhabited both sides of the Line of Control. Yet, communal harmony has been increasingly undermined by religious radicalization and terrorism which have taken root in the region. This video series on Jammu & Kashmir will address and explore different aspects of this “Paradise on Earth”, attempting to shed light on its implausible beauty, contemporary challenges and prospective solutions.